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Thailand: Silaa Coffee koffie plukken man 2.jpg

Since 2009 is Elim distributor of Silaa coffee from Thailand. An honest, biological, arabica coffe which supports Mission work.

For more info on Silaa coffee, go to Silaa.eu or download the leaflet here.


Intergral Mission in India

On of our contact persons in India, Mr. Lakkaraju Kumar Mruthyunjaya is a promotor of Integral Mission.
Read here one of his articles: A Biblical Perspective on Integral Ministry.
Other articles by him are: A paper on Child Abuse, Overcoming Peer Pressure, Vision for Life and Ministry


Philippines: rice fields


oogst_ramil.jpgBrother Ramil and his wife Shuanel on Mindanao are the founders of the Grassroots Mission Outreach Fellowship and are responsible for that organization. We helped them to acquire three rice fields so that they are able to earn an income for themselves and for the ministries of the church.

The Grassroots Mission Outreach Fellowship consists of a number of churches with in total between 4000 and 5000 members. They run the Nehemia Home for children who have been the victim of incest, a daycare center, and food program for children in the slums and they plant churches among the Manuvu people.


bonenoogst.jpgPhilippines: food distribution and vegetable growing


Brother Ariel and his wife Jane lead the God care Christian Fellowship. They are also engaged in food distribution to malnourished children and encourage people in Tribal villages to start vegetable gardens. Four gardens are already functioning and four more are planned. When people are able to grow their own food this is much better than support them by giving them food.


India: bible training pastors


cursus voorgangers.jpgIn this course every half year 25 pastors who have a very limited education receive every Saturday a Bible training from excellent teachers.

After following this course these brothers are better equipped for the work of the Lord. The costs for this training is only € 30, -- per person for the whole period. Many pastors are insufficient trained to serve the local church. They are longing for more spiritual tools to serve God and the church.


India: 2 elementary schools



Our two elementary schools in Narsapur are doing well. For € 3.50 per month per child you can support these children. We do not give names of the children but we give reports in our newsletter how the schools are doing.

For this € 3,50 the children do receive food and education and we pay the running costs of the schools such as the teacher's salaries. Children from all Indian backgrounds do attend: Hindu, Christian, Muslim and animists. We see Gods blessings on this work.


Myanmar: Rice Fields and Nursery School


rijstveld_myanmar.jpgThe church that is our partner in Myanmar runs a bible school, a nursery school and two rice fields. In our projects we are always looking for income generating projects so that our partners are able to support themselves.


India: support evangelists


Gijs van den Brink is an associate missionary with the IEM (Indian Evangelical Mission). The IEM is a completely national Indian mission, and has, at the moment, 440 Indian missionaries, scattered over 30 mission fields and 12 Indian states. They are every day busy spreading the good news.

Last year the fruit of of their work was that more than 400 new believers were baptized! And then we are talking of the fruit of only one mission! The work of the IEM and of another Indian mission COUNT (Christian Outreach Uplifting New Tribes) receive a monthly support. 

Elim is also involved in the support of evangelists in the Godavari delta in Andhra Pradesh. They are supported with things such as literature, a bike, a motorbike, a lamp (to have light in the evening meetings), and above all with various Bible training courses. In these projects we cooperate very closely with 'Samaritan's Purse Netherlands'.



For foreign donors


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