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Curriculum Vitae Gijs van den Brink 

Commentary on Matthew


Dr. Craig L. Blomberg (Professor of New Testament, Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary) gives a recommendation of the commentary on Mathhew:

"Many detailed, even multi-volume, critical commentaries on the gospel of Matthew have appeared in recent years. Older, much shorter works still prove serviceable for the busy pastor or teacher. But few resources are currently available for the exegete or expositor of Matthew that are both fully abreast of contemporary scholarship and concise or succinct. Dr. Van den Brink has accomplished both objectives; what is more, he writes from a position of solid evangelical Christian conviction and maps out introductory positions on the Gospel that prepare for accepting the substantial historicity of the text in ways that differ from conservative and liberal standards alike. While not a lengthy work, the comments in the body of the text are extremely well chosen and exegetically both sane and useful. For the thoughtful student of Matthew's volume wanting a quick overview to the most crucial issues and perplexing problems of a given passage, Van den Brink gives them most helpful guidance indeed." 





Were the words that the Lord Jesus spoke and the things He did, according to the gospel writers, really so said and done?

Does a scientific exegesis exist that is biblical at the same time? This question is less strange than it seems. Many think that `scientific' and `faithful to the Bible' are characteristics which are mutually exclusive.