Wukong treft Filippijnen


Met Kerst raasde een nieuwe typhoon over de Fillippijnen. Duizenden daklozen

Voor de tweede keer in een maand raasde er met Kerst een zeer krachtige typhoon over de Fillippijnen. Lees hier meer ...

Ramil.JPGOnze vriend pastor Ramil op Mindanao schrijft:

Barely a year since Washi that took 1500 lives, and leaving families-some of which are relatives and church members-still reeling and not yet fully recovered from the calamity, and here we go again, this time the strongest super typhoon to ever strike our Island of Mindanao! I had just barely recovered from my health myself, when brethren who had evacuated their homes and villages, came flocking to our home and church in town. Honestly, it made my heart cringe and my wife Shaunell wince at first, but should we shut our home or our church down or shut our doors up for these cold, drenched brethren? More importantly, should we shut our hearts of compassion from feeling their pains? The Holy Spirit however called to my remembrance (and later on to Shaunell's) how we prayed that our little home may become a place of refuge and quiet for the troubled, our Church a place of encouragement and joy-and here are peoples that desperately needed it! Drenched, shivering, cold, hungry, even sick..Have we not prayed our hearts to be like Jesus'? To feel pain when others are in pain?

Once they got inside our Church, our home, their presence brought an unexplainable warmth despite their cold drenching clothings, and joy and energy despite their haggard and pale hungry faces... It was like Jesus coming in Himself! We secretly shed tears of repentance in our hearts. Love, compassion, sympathy-no one can learn too much of it, there is no overdosage to these in a world like ours. We might as well cease living, existing if these qualities ever leave my heart!


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